Cisco WS-X6148GE-45AF
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Технические характеристики:

Модули Catalyst WS-X6148A-GE-45AF на 48 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45 портов предназначены для коммутационных шкафов, в которых требуется высокая плотность портов 1GE с поддержкой PoE. 

Модули Catalyst WS-X6148A-GE-45AF на 48 10/100/1000 Ethernet RJ-45 портов предназначены для коммутационных шкафов, в которых требуется высокая плотность портов 1GE с поддержкой PoE. 
Основные особенности:

  • Установлена дочерняя карта WS-F6K-GE48-AF с поддержкой IEEE 802.3af PoE
  • Порты: 48x 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ-45
  • Подключение к шине: Shared Bus
  • Форвардинг: Centralized
  • Размер буфера на порт: 5.5Mb

Ports per module

: 48 ports (all variants). Ports are numbered (left to right)

–Top row, odd numbered ports 1-47.

–Bottom row, even numbered ports 2-48.

: Port groups



: Port ranges per port group

–WS-X6148-GE-TX: 1-24, 25-48

–WS-X6148A-GE-TX: 1-8, 9-16, 17-24, 25-32, 33-40, 41-48

Port connector type

RJ-45 (all variants)

Cabling distance

328 ft (100 m) over Category 5, 5e, and 6 UTP/STP cable (all variants)

Buffer size

: WS-X6148-GE-TX, WS-X6148V-GE-TX, and WS-X6148-GE-45AF—1.4 MB per 8 ports

: WS-X6148A-GE-TX and WS-X6148A-GE-45AF—5.5 MB per port


: Number of egress queues: 3

: Number of ingress queues: 1

: Number of thresholds per egress queue: 2

: Number of thresholds per ingress queue: 2

Maximum frame size

: WS-X6148-GE-TX, WS-X6148V-GE-TX, and WS-X6148-GE-45AF—Up to 1518 bytes per frame

: WS-X6148A-GE-TX and WS-X6148A-GE-45AF—Up to 9216 bytes per frame

Module oversubscription rate


Supervisor engine support

Supported by the following supervisor engines:

: Supervisor Engine 2

: Supervisor Engine 32

: Supervisor Engine 32 PISA

: Supervisor Engine 720

: Supervisor Engine 720-10GE

: Supervisor Engine 2T (only supported with the WS-X6148A-GE-TX and the WS-X6148A-GE-45AF Ethernet modules)

Software support

: With Supervisor Engine 2—12.2(18)SXF2

: With Supervisor Engine 32—12.2(18)SXF

: With Supervisor Engine 32 PISA—12.2(18)ZY

: With Supervisor Engine 720—12.2(18)SXF

: With Supervisor Engine 720 and WS-F6K-GE48-AF or WS-F6K48-AF PoE daughter cards—12.2(17d)SXB (WS-X6148-GE-TX only)

: With Supervisor Engine 720-10GE—12.2(33)SXH

: With Supervisor Engine 2T—12.2(50)SY

: Catalyst OS



Queues per port

WS-X6148-GE-TX, WS-X6148V-GE-TX, and WS-X6148-GE-45AF

: Tx—1p2q2t (per 8 ports)

: Rx—1p2t (per port)

WS-X6148A-GE-TX and WS-X6148A-GE-45AF

: Tx—1p3q8t

: Rx—1q2t

Chassis/slot restrictions

No chassis or slot restrictions; the module can occupy any slot in any Catalyst 6500 or Catalyst 6500-E chassis (all variants)

Bus connection

Single connection into the 32-Gbps shared bus (all variants).

Module upgrades available


PoE support

WS-X6148-GE-TX and WS-X6148A-GE-TX:

: The WS-X6148-GE-TX is field upgradeable with the WS-F6K-VPWR-GE= daughter card that supports only the Cisco prestandard.

: Both the WS-X6148-GE-TX and the WS-X6148A-GE-TX are field upgradeable with the WS-F6K-GE48-AF= daughter card that supports both the Cisco prestandard and the IEEE 802.3af standard.

Refer to the Catalyst 6500 Series Power over Ethernet Daughter Cards Field-Upgrade Installation Notefor field upgrade procedures.

Refer to Appendix A for additional information on the PoE daughter cards.

Distributed forwarding support

Not supported.

Pluggable transceivers support

Not supported.

TDR support

All variants are supported.

Module front panel LEDs


: Green—All diagnostics pass; the module is operational.

: Orange—The module is booting or running diagnostics; an overtemperature condition has occurred.


: Green—The port is active (the link is connected and operational).

: Flashing orange—The port failed diagnostics and is disabled.

: Orange—The port is disabled.

: Red—The module is resetting; an overtemperature condition has occurred.

Note If the module fails to download code and configuration information successfully during the initial reset, the LED stays red; the module does not come online.

: Off—The port is not active or the link is not connected.


: Green—The PoE daughter card is installed and detected.

: Off—The PoE daughter card is not detect