Модуль Juniper MPC7E-10G

Модуль Juniper MPC7E-10G
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Технические характеристики:

Технические характеристики интерфейсного модуля Juniper MPC7E-10G:

Software release

  • Junos OS Release 15.1F5 with Junos Continuity
  • Junos OS release 16.1R1 and later


  • Fixed-configuration MPC with forty 10-Gbps ports
  • Weight: 17 lb (7.7 kg)
  • Model number: MPC7E-10G
  • Name in the CLI: MPC7E 3D 40XGE

Hardware features

  • Line-rate throughput of up to 400 Gbps on MX240, MX480, and MX960 routers.
  • Line-rate throughput of up to 400 Gbps on MX2000 routers.
  • Junos Trio chipsets for increased scaling for bandwidth, subscribers, and services.
  • Forty 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports. The ports support SFP+ transceivers.
  • Requires high-capacity power supplies, high-capacity fan trays, and SCBE2 on MX240, MX480, and MX960 routers.
  • Requires an adapter card to be housed in MX2000 routers.
  • Supports maximum transmission units (MTUs) from 256 bytes through 16,000 bytes for transit traffic, and from 256 bytes through 9,500 bytes for host bound packets.
  • The ports are labeled as (with the MPC orientation as shown in the figure):
  • 0/0 through 0/9
  • 0/10 through 0/19
  • 1/0 through 1/9
  • 1/10 through 1/19

Software features

  • Supports MACsec using the following encryption algorithms: gcm-aes-128, gcm-aes-256, gcm-aes-xpn-128, and gcm-aes-xpn-256.
  • SupportsHyper mode to speed up packet processing.
  • Supports Flexible queuing using an add-on license to support 32,000 queues per line card, including queues on both ingress and egress interfaces. You can use an additional license to support up to 512,000 queues.
  • Optical diagnostics and related alarms
  • See Protocols and Applications Supported by the MPC7E for MX Series Routers for information about the protocols and applications that MPC7Es support.

Note: On MX240, MX480, and MX960 routers, MPC7E powers on only if the network-services mode on the router is configured as either enhanced-ip or enhanced-ethernet. On MX2000 routers, no additional configuration is required because by default the router operates in enhanced-ip mode.

Cables and connectors

  • 10GBASE-ZR (model number: SFPP-10G-ZR-OTN-XT)

Note: MPC7E 10G does not support OTN rates.

  • 10GBASE-ZR (model number: SFPP-10G-DT-ZRC2)


  • Supported from Junos OS release 16.1R1 and later.
  • Supports 40° C ambient temperature operation at any altitude, and 55° C ambient temperature operation at sea level.

Power requirements

  • Typical: 405 W
  • At different temperatures:

55° C: 500 W

40° C: 465 W

25° C: 430 W

Note: On MX960 routers, all the MPC slots can be occupied by MPC7E 10G at an ambient temperature of up to 40° C and at any altitude. All the MPC slots can be occupied by MPC7E 10G at temperatures of up to 55° C and at sea level. At an ambient temperature of 55° C and above, and at an altitude above sea level, slot 11 cannot host MPC7E 10G.


OK/FAIL LED, one bicolor:

  • Steady green—MPC is functioning normally.
  • Yellow—MPC has failed.

Link LED, one green per port:

  • Steady green—Link is up.
  • Off—Link is down or disabled.